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Purchasing, sending and making payments with crypto is quite simple, but all you need is an account with a crypto broker. Don't have this yet? then follow all the steps below at your leisure. Do you still have questions afterwards? Please feel free to contact us via the contact form and we will be happy to help you. Good luck!


Register with Bitpanda

Register for Bitpanda here and verify your account before continuing.


Place an order on

Now that you have a verified account with Bitpanda, you can place an order on BestBud. On the checkout page, choose which coin you want to pay with via the dropdown menu (choose Litecoin for low transaction costs)

When you click on checkout you will be redirected to the payment page where you will see how much Litecoin (LTC) your order costs and to which address you need to transfer it.


Deposit euros

To buy Litecoin you will first have to deposit some Euros into your Bitpanda account. This can be done via many different payment options. Make sure you always deposit a little more (+€10) to cover any price fluctuations. The Euros that you do not use remain in your account and can be used next time.


Buy & send crypto

At Bitpanda you click on "wallets" and via your Litecoin wallet you purchase the amount of Litecoin for your order + 0.0005 LTC to cover the transaction costs. In the case of the example above, the total is 0.852326 LTC (0.0851826 + 0.0005 LTC).

When you see the LTC in your wallet, you can withdraw it and send it to the address on the checkout page.


Order in progress

As soon as everything has gone well and our payment system has received the correct amount for your order, your order will be processed automatically immediately. Shortly after your payment, you will also receive a confirmation email from us stating that we will prepare your order for shipment.

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